TRANSCEND is a 3 album musical masterpiece
about the Christian's journey through this present life. 

It's time to overcome. It's time to TRANSCEND!

Music With A Mission







Many are living defeated.
You were destined for more.


Life is not free from trials and suffering, but it doesn't have to be without purpose. How do we grow through the storms? Gold becomes pure through the fire. Our shortcomings reveal our need for Christ's strength. The Church is called to be kings and priests, yet some are living like slaves. The eternal truth in these sermon songs will challenge and inspire you. Don't be surprised when you hear reflections of yourself in these lyrics and you start singing along.  


Apply the message of this memorable music to help you repent, grow, and live without compromise. Experience the conviction of the Holy Spirit, the love of a merciful Father, the resurrection life of His Son, and the power of the new creation. There is a joy and freedom that comes only through obedience. As we abide in Him, we will witness His power and fruit in our lives. Nothing is impossible with God. Truth transforms, and that is our tune.


After the cross comes an empty grave. Christ's victory is our destiny. In a world of mixture and darkness, we are called to be salt and light. We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. This is just the beginning of the Story. The King is returning and there's a Wedding coming.
"The Bride has made herself ready."
TRANSCEND is the soundtrack for the victorious overcomer, and the glories that await, both now and in the ages to come.

A Soundtrack for the Overcomer

A modern day Pilgrim's Progress set to song, TRANSCEND is a project for the encouragement and edification of the Church, with songs full of Scripture, magnificent musicianship, and producers passionate for Jesus. 


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3 Albums

6 CDs

Over 50 songs

Over 7 hours of music

Over 20 years to write (and counting)

Over 40,000 miles travelled to make
(and counting)

Every adventure needs a soundtrack.
This one is yours. 

Buy The Music

​​​Album 1 will soon be available on digital platforms. Reserve your hard copy on this official website which includes the artistic CD insert. Every purchase supports this creative Kingdom project which is calling people to be triumphant overcomers in Christ. ​​​​

Love The Mission

What do you get when you cross an uncompromised message of biblical truth with a unique musical production? TRANSCEND: The Trilogy. People remember the lyrics to songs long after the sermon is over.
This is musical mission work.

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Journey together with us on social media as we awaken, inspire, and encourage one another. Enjoy music videos. interviews, a community forum, and so much more. Share this project and invite others to experience the power of these sermon songs. 

Album 1 Status

Album 1 "Trials & Tribulation" is currently in post-production. We need support to fully produce and release this album.

Will you consider partnering with us in this Kingdom endeavor? Whether big or small, a one-time gift or ongoing, your investment is valuable, appreciated, and of eternal significance.


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"I was moved beyond description."

"Brilliant Magnum Opus!!!!"

"You will be awakened and called to action."

"THE most amazing Christian rock epic ministry ever!! HIGHLY recommend it!!"

"INCREDIBLE. Unlike anything you have heard before."

"Epic, dramatic, progressive rock. Amazing band, Great musicianship."

"I laughed, I cried, and was challenged by the Word brought to life in breathtaking song and magnificent music!"

"This has delivered a knock out punch to the kingdom of darkness and has captured the hearts of the audience to live for His Kingdom now!"

"Think Contemporary Christian music blended with Classical music, and then add a touch of Broadway musical."

"A heartwarming, spirit lifting, and challenging message to repent and draw close to the Father."

"Absolutely awe inspiring and impressed me to live a Kingdom life for my King."

"You are breaking new ground in Christian music with this ambitious Christian Rock Opera."

The Bride is stirring from her slumber and awaking to truth in this final hour.
She will overcome even as Christ overcame.

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North America : Atlanta, Georgia, USA
West Europe : Antwerp, BELGIUM / East Europe: Cluj, ROMANIA

About Overcomer Productions

We are sojourners surrendered to Jesus who are passionate about proclaiming His Kingdom through creative arts to help the Church make Herself ready for Jesus Christ's return. 
"TRANSCEND: The Trilogy" was created by singer-songwriter Stacy Marie Walker and is produced by Cornel Olar (Antwerp, BELGIUM / Cluj, ROMANIA) and Stacy Marie Walker (Atlanta, Georgia, USA).

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