Our story.  His glory.  In song. 


We live in a fallen world and even believers find themselves struggling with identity, purpose, and walking in the light. TRANSCEND: The Trilogy is an epic Christian music project that helps people realize their need for a Savior and be victorious overcomers in Christ.

TRANSCEND is a 3 album musical experience created by contemporary Christian artist Stacy Marie Walker, and produced by Stacy Marie Walker (USA) and Cornel Olar (Romania / Belgium). Each album is 2-Discs each, for a total of 6 CDs expressing the fall, redemption, and restoration of humanity. The theme of TRANSCEND is the Overcomer. The sermon songs proclaim the epic story of the believer’s journey of becoming a victor in Christ through this present life. Over the course of 3 Albums, the listener is taken on a musical journey, beginning with the trials and depravity of Album 1, leading into the transformation and obedience of Album 2, finally culminating in the triumph and glory of Album 3.

The heart of the project is choosing to live for Jesus Christ and His everlasting Kingdom, in this midst of the temporal fallen realm, and hearing His say “Well Done” on that Day. A saga in song of this present age, TRANSCEND is both a story and an invitation. It is a call to take personal action, laying side every weight that holds us back from running the race and pressing toward the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. It is a summons to know who we are in Christ, who He is in us, and to walk in all that He has accomplished. TRANSCEND is about the glorious Church arising in this final hour, and overcoming even as Christ overcame. We are called to TRANSCEND!


North America : Atlanta, Georgia, USA
West Europe : Antwerp, BELGIUM / East Europe: Cluj, ROMANIA

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We are sojourners surrendered to Jesus who are passionate about proclaiming His Kingdom through creative arts to help the Church make Herself ready for Jesus Christ's return. 
"TRANSCEND: The Trilogy" was created by singer-songwriter Stacy Marie Walker and is produced by Cornel Olar (Antwerp, BELGIUM / Cluj, ROMANIA) and Stacy Marie Walker (Atlanta, Georgia, USA).

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